We're tiny team of three game developers from St. Petersburg, Russia.
We're three friends and we're as impudent as devils. We're working like slaves and chillin' like princesses.  
We're give everything to create freakin' awesome games and we're aiming to hit the stars.  We have circles under our eyes, but we're not pandas.

We're LAK Games. Three crazy llamas, who develop games Like A Kings!


The Game, that will shake and destroy your nerves and burn chair, you sitting on!






Like A King - is a real-time strategy with unique gameplay, which harmoniously combines the features of Tower Defence, Online Arena Brawlers and Collectible Card Games. You will take part in fast-paced online fights against other players. You will fight vs other player on arena, by building towers, mines and barracks and commanding your troops to destroy enemy’s castle. In these battles you and your opponent fights online and each your desicion and move will affect who will win the fight. For the fight you assemble the Battle Deck with towers and units from your collection, which is constantly growing and growing.



Some great samples of our royal Game, covered with golden dust and shining like a polished crown! 









What you can get from the game just right NOW!

  • Real-time battles agains live players

  • Fast and furious tactical battles

  • Two races card collections with their own gameplay

  • Arena-generating system - each fight on a new battleground

  • Weekly Tournaments with a special reward

  • Duel against most hated opponents

  • League Tournaments

  • Quest System, that generates quests in the game world just for YOU

  • Polish your skills in Training Mode

  • Game Chat and Allies


We even think we can do it! But in fact, we're scared, thata a sh*tload of work!

  • Special card typo - can't tell you now, it's a big secret!

  • Two more Races - Undead and Elves

  • New quests and player challenges!

  • New battlefield items and structures to interact with

  • More cards to all races and more combinations

  • and...damn, we won't tell all our secrets!:)


Our players groups. People, that pushes us forward!


Vkontakte: https://vk.com/lakcommunity


Odnoklassniki: https://ok.ru/group/55828819017734


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lakgamecommunity/


YouTube: Our videos channel